Art That Captures the Senses

I enjoyed the art last Friday and the small crowds I mentioned earlier made it possible to actually enjoy it up close. I’m afraid First Fridays aren’t usually the best viewing times for the various exhibitions, but that’s usually when I see them. With the largest part of the downtown crowd settled in on the […]

July Fourth and a Little First Friday

I hope you guys had a great July 4th weekend. I realize we all either have opened up our inner duck or have begun construction of boats of Biblical proportions, but the weekend downtown turned out pretty well despite the sometimes awful weather. If I had three requests for better weather moments during the weekend, […]

First Friday, October 2012, You Can’t Run and You Can’t Hide

So, this seemed like the kind of night that wouldn’t produce much in the way of blogging. Urban Woman and I decided we needed to spend a little time just being together and taking it easy. Our normal First Friday ritual involves running from one place to another to see as much as possible, followed […]

Knoxville September 2012 First Friday Fun

I’ve talked before about First Friday being too confined with the 9:00 stopping time. It’s also true that it’s just too much to cram into one blog post, so I’ve sorted out some themes. Today I’ll mention some art that struck me and some other interesting sights onto which I stumbled. If you don’t see […]

September 2012 First Friday (and the weekend): What to Do!

It appears that First Friday in the city will remain warm, but a cold front will assert itself by Saturday ushering in the temperatures that make you want to reach out and embrace east Tennessee. It’s a good thing, because there will be more to do downtown than any ┬áhuman could possibly cover. Let’s start […]