A Cool Urban Home Inside the Ely Building – And a preview of the City People Home Tour

The first time I wrote about the Ely Building (May, 2012), it was on the market for $899,000. It eventually sold to Eddie and Kelley Reymond for $725,000 and I wrote about their plans for renovations (March, 2016). In August 2017, they were finally able to move into their home, though the basement and rooftop […]

The Ely Building is Finally Ready for Renovation

It’s been a long journey for the Ely Building (1903) at 406 Church Avenue. I first wrote a full article about it in May of 2012. On the market for $899,000 at the time, I thought it made a good investment. Each floor, including a basement and two above-ground floors are 2,000 square feet, for […]

A Great Building for Sale and a New Entertainment Venue

Waynestock was great, but it wasn’t all I took in this weekend. The first stop for me on first Friday was the Ely Building at 406 W. Church Avenue. It’s available, has been on the market for some time and really needs the right buyer to step in and give it a new purpose. It’s […]

Let’s Consider the Ely Building

One of the great things about being a member of Knox Heritage is the opportunity to explore some of the older buildings downtown. Sometimes the buildings are being renovated or re-purposed. In any case, they are always interesting. Recently Knox Heritage held a donor appreciation event at the Ely Building located at 406 Church Avenue, […]