A Portion of the Vine Furniture Building to Become Condo and Retail Development

Yesterday we took a look at the 75-year-old family business at 120 West Summit Hill. After focusing on the stability of the business, we’ll shift our attention today to their decision to change part of their building for the first time in about forty years. The focus here is the eastern portion of the building, […]

Firehall Apartments at Knoxville High Opens

Dover Development has announced that a portion of the Knoxville High development, the previous Number Three Firehall will be offered as Firehall Apartments. The market-rate apartments will be managed by Senior Solutions, the company which manages Knoxville High Senior Living, but it will not be a part of the senior living component and is open […]

Keener Building Opens to Residents

The first residents moved into the near-completed Keener Building this past weekend. While not quite completed – workers were scurrying about at every turn when I visited – the building has experienced a stunning transformation from the tour I took about a year ago. The building’s address is on World’s Fair Park Drive, which runs […]

Electric Company Lofts Opens Quietly, Extends Downtown Fringes

While it might seem that the stock of older, pre-war downtown buildings available for redevelopment has been expended, there are actually quite a few. Not necessarily located in what we now think of the downtown core, quite a few sit just to the east. One such building is located at the corner of Willow and […]

Stockyard Lofts: Major New Construction Announced for the Old City

A shift has happened in downtown development. Whereas for years we enjoyed a renaissance of older buildings converted to new, often residential, uses, we’re now firmly in an era of ground-up construction. One such development is complete, four are under construction and a couple of others have been announced. Joining that list today is Stockyard […]