City People Home Tour 2015, Part Two

We’ll start the second half of the revue of the tour with one of my favorite homes in the city, in one of my favorite buildings. The Holston was one of the first to be converted to condos in the most recent wave. Built in 1913 as a bank building and representing Knoxville’s tallest building […]

Fourth and Gill Home Tour 2014, Part 1

One item off the massive list last weekend that Urban Woman and I couldn’t pass up was the 24th annual Fourth and Gill Home Tour. Fourth and Gill is an area just north of downtown which features homes, many of them incredibly beautiful, mostly built around 1890 – 1910. I have a hard time focusing […]

Downtown Knoxville Properties – and More

I have several things today, including what I think are a couple of significant upgrades to your experience – one immediate and one which will play out over the next months. I also have a request. For starters, as my readership has evolved and downtown has blossomed, it has become obvious that tremendous interest exists […]