Tori Mason Shoe Store is Open at 29 Market Square

Scott Schimmel and Lisa Sorensen’s latest business venture, Tori Mason Shoes located at 29 Market Square opened for business Monday. The location had been Bliss Home, operated by the couple since 2005. The new venture marks a shift of sorts, though they’ve had shoes at Bliss (their original store across Market Square) and the shoe […]

New Store: Bula Boutique Opening Soon on the 100 Block

“Bula” literally means “life” in Fijian, but it’s used to express much more. Good wishes, wishes for good health and happiness. It’s a greeting and a farewell. It’s the happiness vibe that co-owners Brandon Rader and Julia Ford want customers to feel when they walk into Bula Boutique, opening later this fall at 133 South […]