New Option for Restaurants and New Art for the City

I’ve intended for three or four months to start a series about potential long-term changes which may come out of the necessity of our current pandemic. For the most part, trends that were already in place and that fit with safety during the pandemic, are more likely to stay. Large department stores were already in […]

New Sculptures Added to Krutch Park

One of the initial complications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shut down was it all hit just about perfectly at the time we would normally see an influx of new sculptures to Krutch Park. The installation was delayed until this past Saturday, at which time they were put into place in two shifts. […]

Rhythm N’ Blooms Unlikely to Happen Next Year (Or Ever?)

You may have seen this reported in Compass (subscribe if you haven’t), or elsewhere, but because it is significant news for downtown, I wanted to mention it in this space: At least a temporary end has been declared for the Rhythm N’ Blooms Music Festival. Last Friday afternoon, Dogwood Arts issued a statement regarding the […]

Attack Monkey Productions, LLC Responds to Dogwood Arts in Rhythm N’ Blooms Countersuit

As expected, the recent injunction filed by Dogwood Arts against Attack Monkey Productions did not go without legal response. A countersuit was filed late last week in Knox County Chancery Court responding to the previous filing and detailing the disagreements between the parties. As first reported here, Dogwood Arts, stating that the relationship between the […]

Rhythm n Blooms 2019: The Look Back

A wonderful edition of the annual Rhythm n Blooms, presented by Dogwood Arts and Attack Monkey Productions, has come and gone leaving festival goers exhausted and, hopefully, with a satisfying fill of their music craving for a while. By many measures this was the most successful in the run, with the first sell-out in its […]