Art Slams, Wine Bars and Bricks? A First Friday Weekend

After not doing so for some time, last month I got out into the thick of First Friday, focusing on outlying participants. I noted that it’s been a while since our gang participated very much in the monthly ritual. Well, maybe this First Friday thing is going to catch on . . . we made […]

Art Making Places and Places Making Art

We’ve all experienced it, perhaps most often in an urban setting. Take a scruffy warehouse, add lights and art and suddenly, the space is “cool.” It’s a place people want to hang out. Same with an alley when art is added or a building with a colorful and interesting mural. Art is a game changer. […]

Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk 2018

It’s sort of stunning, once these events start rolling, just how rapidly they tick off. It’s hard for me to believe we are well on our way through Festival Season. Last weekend, as I noted in the Sidewalk Sideshow article, there were multiple events, including the subject of this article, the Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk. […]

Rhythm n Blooms 2018: Rain, Cold and Musical Gold (Part One)

It’s always an exciting weekend for the city. People travel to the festival in large numbers and, it seems, everyone who loves music and lives here joins in, as well. While Big Ears stretches my listening, Rhythm n Blooms tends to help me find artists I will definitely love but who, for whatever reason, have […]

An Interview with Dogwood Arts Director Sherry Jenkins

I recently caught up with Sherry Jenkins who, in October, became the latest Executive Director of Dogwood Arts. Mention Dogwood Arts to most people around the city and they would acknowledge it as an important part of how we introduce ourselves to the world as a city. After a New York Reporter, John Gunther, wrote, […]