Annual Art in Public Spaces Sculptures Positioned Downtown

Each spring in east Tennessee we are privy to a beautiful transformation. Daffodils spring up, soon we enjoy the Redbuds, followed by the Dogwoods. Sure, we have our share (or more) of pollen accompanying each shift in foliage, but the beauty offsets the pain. In the midst of the natural transformation, we have a man-made […]

Dogwood Arts Festival on Market Square, 2016

It’s a downtown highlight every year. The fine arts displayed at of the highest quality, the music is excellent and the air is filled with exciting sounds and smells. Our whole family loves it and we all enjoyed this year’s rendition as a group, which is always interesting with several adults and a one-year-old (Urban […]

Did Our Treble Clef Explode?

Many of us remember the treble clef sculpture that used to reside in Country Music Park on what used to be the 200 block of Gay Street at Summit Hill. I’ve mentioned ┬áit before to a range of reactions. Some people loved it, others not so much. I liked it because it fit the purpose […]

Contests and Calls for Art in the City

There are a couple of contests underway at the moment which are connected in different ways to downtown. Voting has actually ended on the first and the winner is to be announced today. Smart Trips is one of my favorite organizations in the area and I’ve participated in their efforts for years. They promote using […]

The Dogwood Arts Festival’s Market Square Art Fair

Somebody must be living right, because the weather for the major Dogwood Arts events have been spectacular. This weekend saw the Market Square Art Fair take over the central portion of downtown and bring in thousands of people each of the three days. Being an ordinary human being, with all the limitations and various obligations […]