New Life for a Historic Building

The Dempster Building at 609 – 617 N. Central Street is getting a major makeover. Located in a developing part of the city, the historic building had hit hard times by the end of the last century. It was purchased by Dewhirst Properties during the last recession and was secured until recently when the company […]

Keener Building Opens to Residents

The first residents moved into the near-completed Keener Building this past weekend. While not quite completed – workers were scurrying about at every turn when I visited – the building has experienced a stunning transformation from the tour I took about a year ago. The building’s address is on World’s Fair Park Drive, which runs […]

A Look Inside the Keener Lighting Building + Future Plans

A reader joked the other day that I must get tired of writing about one building and being asked about ten more. I don’t, really, but it is hard to keep up with all the construction and various projects underway around downtown. Still, I find it a pleasure to climb through old buildings, learn about […]

Electric Company Lofts Opens Quietly, Extends Downtown Fringes

While it might seem that the stock of older, pre-war downtown buildings available for redevelopment has been expended, there are actually quite a few. Not necessarily located in what we now think of the downtown core, quite a few sit just to the east. One such building is located at the corner of Willow and […]

Elastic Pictures Opens New Development Area on West Blount Avenue

As downtown Knoxville and related development expands in every direction, new spots constantly emerge, whether new side streets, entirely different areas or sections of a street that had been previously quiet. Elastic Pictures has been a part of downtown for years, though their most recent location, in the basement of the JFG building, allowed them […]