New Development Announced on Gay Street

The building at 706 South Gay Street will soon get a major makeover. The building, which is currently empty sits at the north end of the row of buildings on that block facing west. It is beside the parking lot which also contains The Flower Pot. Currently empty, the building contains original masonry walls along […]

Fairmont Flats Development Underway at 3415 North Broadway

  In writing about the 3415 North Broadway development, I’m venturing further afield than any posts in the past. I did write about the Broadway Development Plan about three-and-a-half years ago, but I’ve generally considered the intersection of Hall of Fame with Broadway to be the northern tip of what I cover. But then I […]

South High Senior Living Opens Today

South High Senior Living, the latest project from developer/owner Rick Dover opens today to new residents. The project started with a building, the former South High School, which had literally fallen in on itself. Mr. Dover said it took most of a year simply to clean out the roof and other structures that had to […]

COVID-19: Impact on Development in the City

As I’ve done with local business owners, I approached local developers with a series of questions regarding the impact of the pandemic and the economic shutdown on their current and future projects. I asked about the impact on their employees and how they saw the implications for future development in the city. Here are their […]

Bullets, Bugs and Buildings

Coronavirus (the “Bug”). Open Carry (the “Bullets). Development (the “Buildings”). These may seem like big topics to roll into one article but they were each the subject of some portion of the Knoxville City Council meeting last night. We’ll see which issue is ultimately the biggest concern, but the audience was largely there over a […]