Tako Taco is Open!

It hasn’t been that long since it was announced that chef Jesse Newmister planned to open a second restaurant after his Kaizen concept which has been so successful. It took just two months to open Tako Taco, and the results were displayed in a soft opening last night. Located at 235 West Depot, the restaurant […]

1894 Saloon Building Continues Downtown’s Northward Expansion

Prior to its facade improvements last year by Dewhirst Properties, the 1894 Saloon building might have been overlooked or dismissed as an old, tired and no longer useful building. In fact, the building had been in use by Dewhirst Properties for over a decade as a staging ground for woodwork and metal work which found […]

Mill and Mine Set to Open For Big Ears – Full Operations By This Summer

A┬ábit of a media frenzy ensued when a press release announced the opening of the Mill and Mine at 225 W. Depot, an entertainment and concert venue and complex of sorts. Mercury ran with it, the News Sentinel followed. Blank and the television networks joined in. And the excitement is warranted, as it is a […]

Amazing New Condo and Retail Project Announced: Regas Square

We’ve talked so many times on this site about good urban development. There are a number of common features – which turn out to be not-so-common. We’d all like to see parking lots turning to buildings and we’ve seen a little of that in recent months. We’d like to see retail rimming the bottom of […]

Development Plans for Depot Avenue

Last March I took a stroll down Depot Avenue with a large group from Knox Heritage through some of the development projects planned by Dewhirst Properties. David Dewhirst led the way and talked quite extensively about plans and possibilities. It was an unusual level of openness for a developer, many of whom are reluctant to […]