City People Home Tour 2018: A Look Inside Downtown Homes, Part One

I hope you all made it out to the City People Home Tour and enjoyed the great weather and big crowds taking a peek into a few sample downtown residences. It’s a tour my wife and I have enjoyed for fifteen years or more. It’s one of the factors that helped us “see” ourselves as […]

Chef Joseph Lenn Opens J.C. Holdway at 501 Union Avenue

It’s been a long time coming. It was just over a year ago I profiled chef Joseph Lenn, at that time the only James Beard Award winning chef in the state of Tennessee. After his stint as head chef at Blackberry Farm, he’d decided to open his own restaurant and the location would be on […]

Daylight Building Offers Downtown Homes For Sale

Five years after accepting its first residents, Dewhirst Properties is offering what have been leased apartments inside the Daylight Building, located on the 500 block of Union Avenue, for sale as condos. The historic tax credits received to help finance the renovations and re-purposing of the building in 2009 and 2010 carried the requirement that […]

Just Ripe Re-Opens Today with Renewed Focus

Those of you who have followed this blog for a long time know that I have been a fan of, and have closely followed, the little specialty grocery store, Just Ripe. In January of 2011 I told you about their pre-opening¬†fundraiser, their opening in May 2011, their half-birthday in December 2011, their reorganization, their near […]

Coldstream Market Expands to a Second Downtown Location

  When Coldstream Market opened in September of 2013 at 34 Market Square, it stirred quite a bit of conversation around town. Could a second floor store survive in downtown Knoxville? Would people overlook it? Early comments about the store were positive, but long-time reader and commenter, Greg, wins the pool for best prediction. In […]