Music for a Pandemic (or Anytime) from the Sedonas and R.B. Morris

We may only be touching the tip of the music and other art made during or released during the pandemic. We might expect that artists isolated during this time might tap the muse for inspiration and focus on doing what they do best. The two local artists I’d like to highlight today had music close […]

Knoxville’s Tenth Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash

In a way it seems it has been around forever, but for the last ten years, in one form or another, a celebration has been held to honor the birthday of Bob Dylan who turned 73 on May 24th. He shares the day with local musician and member of Y’uns, Steve Horton. I’m told the […]

A Tale of Two Movies

I saw a couple of movies this past week. There are a couple of things which are very strange about this fact. One is that I very, very rarely go out to a movie. I find them too expensive, loud and, generally, the ones I’d want to see are at Downtown West while our Downtown […]

Knoxville’s Bob Dylan Birthday Bash 2013

An amazing evening of music filled Market Square last Friday night. It was First Friday and after some debate, I decided to plant myself on Market Square and listen to music rather than catch some of the wonderful events scattered about the city. I’m sorry I missed some of those things, but the Dylan Birthday […]