The Central Collective Comes to Life – And Has an Open House

When I first wrote about the plans for 923 North Central Street, or as it is now known, “The Central Collective,” readers might have been easily forgiven for thinking the entire project was a fool’s errand. When I showed the building to Urban Woman just over a year ago she said some equivalent of, “bless […]

Vintage Building Finds New Life: News from North Central Street

Long term readers of this blog know that I love it when old, unused and seemingly unwanted buildings find new life. I’ve learned a great deal about this sort of re-purposing over the years that I’ve written about downtown Knoxville. I’ve seen so many buildings I thought were worthless spring back to life. Of course […]

Making Knoxville Better: Dale’s Fried Pies and Rita’s Ice

Happily, last week I had a bit of a vacation from my real job, which allowed me to write a few longer, more involved pieces and actually have the time to sit for conversations with some of the people making a difference in our community. Sadly, the weather was not so good. Spring weather was […]

Downtown Pie: From Desolation to a Dream, Introducing Dale’s Fried Pies

A couple of years ago my friend, Shaft, decided he needed a downtown spot for pie. His mental image of a small diner with a glass display case offering fresh, homemade southern pies quickly turned to a quest. Likely, there was a time when several places downtown competed for “best pie” prizes, but clearly the […]