Beautifully Renovated 804 West Hill Avenue Offers a Rare New Residence in the City

A thin thread connects yesterday’s article about the Mechanics Bank and Trust Building and today’s article about a renovated home in the Maplehurst section of downtown. As it happens, when the bank president, Thomas O’Connor was gunned down in the street outside the bank, the bank’s vice-president, Edward J. Sanford, briefly assumed duties as head […]

A Long-term Downtown Business Closes

In 2004 downtown Knoxville was a very different place. It wasn’t all bleak and abandoned, but it was a far cry from what we experience every day in 2017. Many of the goods and services we take for granted now were in short supply. Coffee, for example, which can be had in numerous locations and […]

Downtown Knoxville Retailer, Rala, Announces Move to Old City

As I talked with Nanci Solomon, owner of Rala, and long time owner of Reruns, she pointed out that she opened Rala the same month I started writing this blog: June of 2010. At the time, she also operated Reruns, which later moved from 2 Market Square to a location down Union in the Daylight […]

Asheville Through a Knoxville Lens

Here’s what this is not: a comparison between Asheville and Knoxville. I haven’t attempted a comparison between two cities in about three years and recently I was told by someone who remembered the last one that it “was the stupidist thing I ever read.” I think that’s the correct quote. And to their point, it […]

City People Annual Home Tour 2013: Maplehurst Inn and Neighborhood

  If there is a single gateway drug to downtown living that many of us share, it is the City People Downtown Home Tour. According to the information published by the group, it’s been going on since 1983. My memory of the event doesn’t go back nearly so far. I had barely learned my way […]