Cormac McCarthy, A German Band and a Freshly Painted Wall

Many of us love both books and Knoxville. When the two merge in the form of Knoxville writers or writing about Knoxville, it’s a pretty heady intersection for someone like myself. Knoxville has lots of literary connections, none more celebrated than Cormac McCarthy, though he wasn’t the first to win a Pulitzer. That would be […]

Suttree Landing Park Officially Opens on the South Waterfront

I wasn’t able to make the ribbon cutting on Wednesday, but curious about Suttree Landing Park, I took the ten minute bike ride from the heart of downtown and across the river. Signage hasn’t been placed, so the first trick was figuring out how to enter the park. There are two entrances, with the first […]

New Event Space, “221,” Holds Grand Opening Tonight

You may never have considered the building as a whole, though you may have eaten at Frussie’s recently or the Laurel Mountain Eatery before it. The building at the corner of Cumberland and Gay is also home to Cook Loft, a 2200 sq. ft. luxury condo (2 BR, 2 1/2 baths) on the top floor. […]

Written in Stone: Inscriptions on Market Square

Recently a friend asked about the inscriptions written in granite on Market Square. She’d looked at them and found them wanting. Focusing on the three primary, and larger, quotes on the square she noted that they are all by white men and they all seem pretty dark, if not downright negative. I would add another […]

A Little Urban Mystery at the Train Station

Did you notice the inscription on the fireplace behind Charlotte in one of the photographs from yesterday’s blog? It’s on one of many fireplaces scattered around the Southern Railway Train Station and, since I didn’t have access to the others, I couldn’t say whether the same inscription is located on the others, but I’m suspecting […]