RCN: A Tech Company Thriving Quietly Near Downtown

200 Jennings Avenue, just across from the Old Gray and Knoxville’s National Cemetery has a long history stretching back almost 100 years. Jack Neely, in a history of the building says the best evidence indicates it was probably “built by the Knoxville Gas Company around the mid-1920s.” They left in 1958 and the building subsequently […]

Tyson Court Apartments Now Pre-Leasing

It’s been five years since I started noticing this cool little area settled somewhere between downtown proper and north Knoxville. I wrote about an event at Ironwood studios in 2014 and about a cool building and interesting downtown icon who owns it later that year. At the time, this area was brimming with potential, but […]

Regas Square Condominiums Has Its First Residents: Symphony Showcases Units

We’re just a few months shy of four years passed since the first announcement was made that Regas Square Condominiums and retail spaces would be developed. It’s been a long process and Joe Petre, one of the developers and the owner of Conversion Properties, says it started with the early discovery that the geological testing […]

The Hive Set to Close, Property Available for Lease

It was almost four years ago Rebecca Ridner opened The Hive at 854 North Central Street. Originally opening as a home to five new businesses, it represented a different, more collaborative model for owners. The business evolved over the years, businesses grew and moved on, and utilization of the space underwent changes. I sat down […]

Cal Johnson Building to be Restored

It’s been a long journey for this building which was built by former slave and Knoxville’s first black millionaire, Cal Johnson. Listed in recent years as one of the most endangered, its future has been the subject of hot debate. Two years ago the city placed it under an H1 overlay in order to give […]