Construction Photos and Updates: Regas Square, Mews II, Vine Avenue Rowhouses

Between the bone-chilling cold we had a few weeks ago and the seemingly constant rain we’ve had since, you may not have noticed that construction is continuing on several projects we’ve discussed on this website. I took a walk around downtown and spoke to a few of the developers working on the projects in order […]

Andrew Johnson Building to be Redeveloped: A Look at LHP/Conversion Property’s Proposal

It may be a turning point of a more subtle sort. We’ve talked about the shift from converting derelict downtown buildings into modern uses – often residences. The supply of downtrodden buildings has dwindled and most activity in the center city has shifted to ground-up construction. This might appear to be more of the former, […]

Emory Place Development News (Plus a Concert Ticket Giveaway)

Featuring some of the most attractive downtown buildings, Emory Place once featured its own market house and sat at the north end of the street car line. Intended to be a sort of second Market Square, it has retained some of its symmetry and appeal, if it has lost some of its energy in recent […]

Amazing New Condo and Retail Project Announced: Regas Square

We’ve talked so many times on this site about good urban development. There are a number of common features – which turn out to be not-so-common. We’d all like to see parking lots turning to buildings and we’ve seen a little of that in recent months. We’d like to see retail rimming the bottom of […]

A Look Inside the Bottom Floor of the Holston

I’ve wondered periodically over the last several years just what was behind the door in the lobby of the Holston Building. I knew it had once bee the lobby for the various banks once occupying the building. The Holston Bank, founded in 1890, built the first twelve stories of the building in 1912, moving into […]