Renovated Cal Johnson Building Opens for Occupancy This Week

The journey for the Cal Johnson Building has been a long one, with surprising twists and turns along the way. Noted by Knox Heritage as a part of its Fragile Fifteen for years, the building has finally found new life, opening this week with eight urban apartments sitting over a commercial space for an as-yet-determined […]

RCN: A Tech Company Thriving Quietly Near Downtown

200 Jennings Avenue, just across from the Old Gray and Knoxville’s National Cemetery has a long history stretching back almost 100 years. Jack Neely, in a history of the building says the best evidence indicates it was probably “built by the Knoxville Gas Company around the mid-1920s.” They left in 1958 and the building subsequently […]

Tyson Court Apartments Now Pre-Leasing

It’s been five years since I started noticing this cool little area settled somewhere between downtown proper and north Knoxville. I wrote about an event at Ironwood studios in 2014 and about a cool building and interesting downtown icon who owns it later that year. At the time, this area was brimming with potential, but […]

Regas Square Condominiums Has Its First Residents: Symphony Showcases Units

We’re just a few months shy of four years passed since the first announcement was made that Regas Square Condominiums and retail spaces would be developed. It’s been a long process and Joe Petre, one of the developers and the owner of Conversion Properties, says it started with the early discovery that the geological testing […]

The Hive Set to Close, Property Available for Lease

It was almost four years ago Rebecca Ridner opened The Hive at 854 North Central Street. Originally opening as a home to five new businesses, it represented a different, more collaborative model for owners. The business evolved over the years, businesses grew and moved on, and utilization of the space underwent changes. I sat down […]