Jackson Avenue Ramp Work Is Finally Here – Really

The target has been moving for years. Close followers of everything downtown will likely believe it when they see it. Two viaducts have been slated for replacement for years. I reported in 2016 that the Broadway demolition would start in 2017 and finish in mid 2019, while the Jackson Avenue Ramp demolition and replacement would […]

Cranes Everywhere . . . and That’s a Good Thing

Chances are you’ve gotten so used to seeing them that you look right past them at this point. Not so many years ago, the sighting of a crane downtown would be something unusual. There wasn’t so much need for them. With empty buildings occupying the space between vacant lots, there wasn’t much need for work […]

Bridges, Roads and Garages, Oh My! Heads Up on What’s Coming Your Way

To put a spin on the cliche, in the end, all news is good news – at least in this case, but in the meantime there’s likely to be a price to pay for the improvements coming to the downtown area, but for now, we may need to brace ourselves. The first item on the […]

Details on the Broadway Viaduct Replacement

Representatives from TDOT held a community meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss the Broadway Viaduct in all its complexities. The upshot? It’s complex. The bottom line? It’s still a little squishy. One of the complexities I would not have imagined is that the new bridge will need to be about four feet higher off the ground. […]

A Downtown Knoxville Summer Summary?

Temperatures outside hover in the nineties and the humidity seems to hang somewhere between swamp and sauna levels. Summer certainly doesn’t seem to be near finished. The calendar states very clearly that we remain short of the half-way point of that hottest season. Still, there are other, more cultural calendars that indicate summer is ending […]