The Central Collective Comes to Life – And Has an Open House

When I first wrote about the plans for 923 North Central Street, or as it is now known, “The Central Collective,” readers might have been easily forgiven for thinking the entire project was a fool’s errand. When I showed the building to Urban Woman just over a year ago she said some equivalent of, “bless […]

New Glimpses Inside Old Buildings (with the Community Design Center)

Once a year the Community Design Center throws a big party. Last night saw this years’ version set up shop on Main Street inside the U.S. Post Office Building. A massive marble building with Art Deco finishes, the building opened in 1934. Mentioned a couple of times in Cormac McCarthy’sĀ Suttree, the building is worthy of […]

A Tale of Country Music Park and Two 200 Blocks

Last week a public meeting was held on the future of the sliver of city park at Summit and Gay. It’s generally talked about in terms of the missing 200 block of Gay Street. There were once buildings where the park is now located and on the surface parking lot across the street. Commerce formed […]

Vintage Building Finds New Life: News from North Central Street

Long term readers of this blog know that I love it when old, unused and seemingly unwanted buildings find new life. I’ve learned a great deal about this sort of re-purposing over the years that I’ve written about downtown Knoxville. I’ve seen so many buildings I thought were worthless spring back to life. Of course […]

Getting Nerdy in Knoxville: Symposiums, Keynotes and Panel Discussions

It’s easy to get lost in the very cool music, urban street scenes and funky people and forget that the city offers great opportunities to get your inner nerd on. All my favorite people are nerds in some way or another and no where were they more evident than last Thursday at the symposium (even […]