Knoxville: Five Things You Need to Know This Morning

We will have a very different city council by January. Mayor Rogero gathered the winners for a congratulatory meeting, yesterday.The new council members will be sworn in December 16. They replace five members who were term limited. Mayor Rogero said, “We’ve enjoyed great community dialogue throughout the campaign season. The 11,735 votes cast represent one […]

City Council Breaks the Tie in District Four: Is the System Fair?

It seems everyone in the city was surprised on election night except for Cliff Rodgers, Knox County Administrator of Elections. He spoke first at the special session of the Knoxville City Council last night. He pointed out that he was explaining to everyone concerned, prior to the election, how they must proceed in the event […]

City Council Votes to Impose Historic Protection on Cal Johnson Building

City Council meetings sometimes provide a bit of drama and such was the case last night when it considered placing the Cal Johnson Building under historic zoning or H1 protection. Essentially, this means it cannot be easily demolished by current or future owners. It also typically means that redevelopment must follow sometimes difficult and involved […]

Some Nights You Just Have to Love This City

I’d intended to write about business today, but I’ll delay that until tomorrow. Today I need to express the complete wonder of last night in our city. Yesterday I encouraged everyone to come out to support the addition of several groups, including sexual-orientation to our non-discrimination ordinance. The issue had gotten negative attention in the […]