Downtown News, Fun and Giveaways

There has been so much going on downtown recently, that an article a day just doesn’t get it all in. I’m going to cover a lot of ground in this article and each item won’t necessarily have a lot to do with the other, so hang on and we’ll try to take it all in […]

The 2014 Rossini Festival Fills Gay Street and Beyond

I paced myself a little better this weekend, lying low on Friday night, facing the taxman on Sunday. In between, however, downtown Knoxville was a complete circus. With tens of thousands expected for the Rossini Festival presented by Knoxville Opera and tens of thousands expected for the Orange and White game, it promised to be […]

Drums, Dance, Fire and Magic: Enchanted Knoxville

Even though I scattered myself around a bit for the first half of last Friday night, I settled into Krutch Park for most of the evening. Thanks to my new friend Whitney I found out that Circle Modern Dance would team up with our local drum circle and a few local musicians including Laith Keilany […]