Rhythm n Blooms 2017 is a Spectacular, Sprawling Success

I’ve been a bit slow getting this out and I appreciate your patience. After shooting over 1100 photographs and taking in about twenty-five hours of premium entertainment over a fifty-hour period of time I was happy and exhausted with big plans to get an article out Monday afternoon. Then Urban Boy got sick. Suddenly, I […]

What I Hope to See at Rhythm n Blooms 2016

As with so many festivals, each participant’s musical selections set them on a personal journey unlikely to be replicated by any other attending fan. We each have different preferences and bring different backgrounds to the shows. We may have seen a large number of the bands or have seen very few. If we’ve seen many […]

Forget Winter – It’s (Almost) Festival Season: Rhythm N Blooms Coming Soon

Just as the spring day teased us yesterday – with unrealistic hopes for sunshine and warmth for the next few weeks – I’ll tease you with news of a wonderful spring festival. I love Rhythm N Blooms and had an absolute blast last year for the three day weekend, dedicating separate articles to the firstĀ (highlights […]