After Multiple Strokes, Local Artist Chris Cornett Returns (and Could Use Your Help)

Just over five years ago I first encountered the art of Chris Cornett. The challenging nature of the works and the striking use of color captivated me at once. I took my first photograph of his work at Preservation Pub and later that year at Union Avenue Books. We first met a year later at […]

Art, Jazz, Cool People and a Party for a Good Cause

That’s a pretty good combination. After a couple of days of writing about sadness, it seemed to me we could end the week on an up note to get us ready for the weekend and for Mardi Growl. Art and Jazz for the Cure was sponsored by¬†Paulk and Company¬†on Williams Street last Saturday night. They […]

Artist Alley Revamp Project – Java Alley

As I promised, yesterday, here is a view of another alley project undertaken by the Artist Alley Revamp Project. This alley project represents an expansion of the previous work into another section of town and a new alley. It is important to note that the organizers of this project and the artists involved get nothing […]

July Fourth and a Little First Friday

I hope you guys had a great July 4th weekend. I realize we all either have opened up our inner duck or have begun construction of boats of Biblical proportions, but the weekend downtown turned out pretty well despite the sometimes awful weather. If I had three requests for better weather moments during the weekend, […]

A Great Building for Sale and a New Entertainment Venue

Waynestock was great, but it wasn’t all I took in this weekend. The first stop for me on first Friday was the Ely Building at 406 W. Church Avenue. It’s available, has been on the market for some time and really needs the right buyer to step in and give it a new purpose. It’s […]