Farmers’ Market and Civil War Commemorations for Your Weekend

I’ll bet when you read about the City People Home Tour yesterday you thought, “That sounds like a fun downtown weekend,” and you were right. Then maybe you looked at the events listing at the top of the page and realized this is also First Friday with everything that entails and thought, “This is a busy […]

Just Ripe Sold to Century Harvest Farms!

I told you good news was on the way and here’s a shot of just that. I’ve been waiting anxiously to share the great news that Chris Burger and Century Harvest Farms will close next week on their purchase of Just Ripe. In a very happy conclusion to my previous story about their decision to […]

Nourish Knoxville and the 2015 Winter Farmers’ Market

Like me, during your visits to the Market Square Farmers’ Market and other random times in the last year or so, you may have noticed references to Nourish Knoxville and wondered vaguely what that was all about. You may have noticed a copy of the “2014 East Tennessee Local Food Guide” and wondered how all […]

Just Ripe Facing Possible Closure, Hopes for Sale

I’ve written about many openings in the city as well as more than a few closures over the last four-and-a-half years. Some of the closures shocked me and some have hit on a personal level. None quite compare to this one. It’s more personal. It’s just a  little closer. I’ve known Kristen Faerber since she […]

Winter (Farmers’) Market Coming to Southern Railway Station

I’m always being schooled by the many, many smarter people than myself that I continually run into. It wasn’t that many months ago that I had a conversation with a group and the idea of Winter Market came up. I pointed out the obvious: farms aren’t exactly awash in crops from December to April. Very […]