COVID-19: Business Impacts, Part Four, With Casual Pint and Central Collective

This is the fourth part in what will likely be a continuing series for a while. The stories have been edited for brevity and clarity. You can find the others here: Part One (with Sapphire, Knox Mason, Emilia and an Anonymous Business,  Part Two with Tomato Head and West Family Businesses and Part Three (with […]

How About a Pint of Science

Sadly, for me, my enjoyment of science went south sometime in my middle school years. It was probably me, but I remember harsh, uninspired teachers. It probably wasn’t the subject and it’s likely I didn’t give the teachers much of a chance. But who knows? If only they’d offered it with adult beverages, the entire […]

Beer for Breakfast? Yes. . . and Help a Knoxville Girl

  When my friend Joey Natour, co-owner of Pete’s Coffee Shop suggested that I write about an upcoming “brinner,” which would include beer pairings from Casual Pint, I had some questions. First, what’s a “brinner?” Simple enough he told me, “Haven’t you ever had breakfast for dinner?” As a matter of fact, I have. Still, beer […]

New Owners for Casual Pint and Knox Brew Tours Come to Downtown

When Nathan Robinette opened the first Casual Pint in Bearden, I’m not sure he had a plan to rapidly expand, but that’s what happened. I first wrote about Casual Pint in May 2012, when I visited the Bearden location after hearing one was planned for Union Avenue. In July I wrote about the opening of […]

Friday Free-For-All

Today I’m going with some images that never quite rose to the level of needing their own blog, but which I wanted to work in at some point. I’ll start with Sam (Samantha) Hatmaker who you see pictured above. I took these photographs when she played the Market Square Stage a few weeks ago. I’m […]