The Telephone Building: The First of a Two Part Series on the Downtown AT&T Building

Today we welcome guest columnist Oren Yarbrough. You’ve seen his comments here. He’s an intern architect with DIA on Gay Street and he’s got a particular interest in what I’ve called the ugliest building in the city: The AT&T building on Broadway beside I-40. Here’s Oren: Most people who have spent some time in Knoxville […]

Details on the Broadway Viaduct Replacement

Representatives from TDOT held a community meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss the Broadway Viaduct in all its complexities. The upshot? It’s complex. The bottom line? It’s still a little squishy. One of the complexities I would not have imagined is that the new bridge will need to be about four feet higher off the ground. […]

Broadway, We’ve Got Problems

I stretched a little out of my normal coverage zone to attend the meeting to discuss the recommendations of Broadway Corridor Task Force meeting at St. James Episcopal Church on Broadway. I normally cover Broadway up to the spot where it is joined by Hall of Fame. The focus of this meeting was the stretch […]

Jackson Avenue Streetscape Details and Schedule, Plus Viaduct Reconstructions

If you’ve walked through the area recently, you know the sidewalk between State and Central is nearly complete and looks great. It’s already hard to picture all the poles, wires and busted pieces of thin sidewalk we used to traverse. When I look at that stretch, I always remember the concerns of some that the […]

Breadshed Cafe: Baked Goods from Scratch

When I wrote about the Juice Box a couple of weeks ago, I was reminded that I’ve never written about their neighbor in the Broadway building. Breadshed Cafe started operation at that address just over a year ago and became an instant hit with commuters, nearby businesses and the Old North and Fourth and Gill neighborhoods. Prior […]