Two Urban Gardens Thrive in Former Food Desert

by Heidi Hornick*   It’s been about four years since Brenna Wright took a fallow field and turned it into the Abbey Fields Urban Farm. In that time, she’s seen her share of challenges, but when a sudden storm hit the farm it took her by surprise. On the night of April 9, a microburst […]

Urban Gardening Hits the Old City

We move to the city for so many reasons. Downtown Knoxville offers the great opportunity to walk to numerous amenities, for example. Some of us are happy to leave behind obligations of lawn care and working outside, let alone any serious thought of gardening. Others of us miss some of the joy of raising flowers […]

Abbey Fields: Bringing the Farm to the City

    It’s not something you might expect to find in a former industrial area near the heart of a city. Approaching the former Standard Knitting Mills site, the building looms large in the distance. Captivating in its own way, there is nothing to prepare a passerby for the site of tilled earth awaiting spring […]