Celebrations and Shakespeare in the City

Late last week downtown was filled with celebrations of various sorts. Interestingly, three events in two days centered on literary achievements of sorts. Tuesday evening saw a celebration of a surprise publication and of the beginning of a journey to New York City for another. Thursday saw an annual production that honors the most esteemed […]

Southern Literature Convergences in the City

Last year I wrote a piece about my friend Flossie McNabb at Union Avenue Books. I told, among other stories, the story of how she and I met sometime back in the 1990s at Davis Kidd Bookseller in west Knoxville. I’d begun reading southern writers and desperately need a guide to my reading and help […]

Theatre Obsolete and Halloween in the City

  I know I do a “What to Do” list on Sunday – and it’s turned out to be quite a hit – but it seemed a special one was warranted. It all started with an event I attended on Tuesday night, but I’ll get to that later. First, let’s look at the great Halloween-related […]