A New York Moment and a Fine Friday Night into Saturday in Knoxville

Memory is tied to all the senses: a touch on the skin, a glimpse of something familiar, a smell that transports. I have what I call San Francisco mornings. It’s something about a chill on a spring morning along with a fresh-baked smell and leisurely moments on a patio. It hits me sometimes in downtown […]

Happy New Year – With a Little Help from the Black Lillies

This one’s going to be short and sweet. I simply want to wish each of you a Happy New Year and serve up a side of the wonderful Black Lillies show last night at the Bijou. I haven’t been ready for live music the last few weeks, but this night brought me as close to […]

CMT Comes to Knoxville to Film the Black Lillies

The Black Lillies, whose new album “Runaway Freeway Blues” has just debuted at number forty-three on the Billboard Country Music Chart and who just made their fifteenth appearance on the Grand Ole Opry seem to be on the verge of country music stardom. Accolades are pouring in from around the country for the new disc […]

Black Lillies CD Release Party at the Tennessee Theatre

Knoxville continues to enjoy lovely spring weather: rain, wind, clouds, warm then cold temperatures and sporadic snow. It’s the kind of spring that makes you want to stay inside where it’s warm, which is what a packed house did on Saturday night at the Tennessee Theatre. After a year away, the Black Lillies returned home […]

Sapphire on Gay Street

I’ve probably mentioned Sapphire before, but I’ve never really focused on it that I recall. I know I’ve taken photographs there, though I may not have identified the place in the background. One of my first downtown meetings was to plan “Dancing in the Streets” with Knox Heritage and we met on a Sunday to […]