Time To Pay Attention to the Details, Knoxville (Or How An Aging Cyclist Could Have Met His Death)

We pride ourselves on our walkable downtown. We spread the gospel far and wide that we are all about cycling and the active lifestyle that implies. We’re taking care of pedestrians and spending more money than ever on cycling safety. So, we’re all that, right? Maybe not. See, the devil is in the details and […]

Road Diets: What Are They? What Does a Good One Look Like?

  The above video came across my Twitter feed recently and helped me understand road diets in various formats better than I’d ever understood them before. Several points stood out, no matter which of the four designs is under discussion: First, the lane widths are ten feet, which has no impact on travel times or […]

A Road Diet In Broadway’s Future

There are a host of road changes and modifications planned for downtown and near-downtown over the next couple of years. Of course, the Cumberland Avenue project is painfully working it’s way toward completion. Also on the docket are significant changes to Sevier Avenue, Magnolia Boulevard, Jackson Avenue and Central Street. Both the Jackson Avenue viaduct […]

What Does the Future of Cycling Look Like in the City?

What do you think? Do you see more cyclists around downtown these days? I think there are more compared to just  a few years ago. The photographs of cyclists you see with this article were taken as I was walking just before and after the presentation of the Bicycle Facilities Plan at the East Tennessee […]