Partial Big Ears 2020 Lineup Announced

It’s a seems like a long time until the 2020 Big Ears Festival returns to the streets of downtown Knoxville. At just over five months, however, it’s not too early to mark March 26-29 on your calendar. Last year’s 10th anniversary festival sold out, and there is every reason to believe this year will be […]

OneBeat Comes to Knoxville Next Week: Not to Be Missed

You might be forgiven if scenes around the city next week put you in mind of Big Ears. Big Ears is partnering with OneBeat for a series of events around the city that promise to be fresh and exciting. Each fall, OneBeat brings musicians from around the world to join together in a creative union, […]

Artist Mark Carson English Shares His Artistic Vision with Knoxville and Big Ears

Mark Carson English, an artist of international caliber, has returned to Knoxville after a circuitous journey that leaves him questioning if he has a home, though this is clearly his hometown an he’s quite fond of it. Born in McMinnville, his father, who was a banker, brought the family to Knoxville when Mark was very […]

Artist Kara Lockmiller Responds to Big Ears

Area artists and others are responding to the all-encompassing presence of Big Ears in downtown Knoxville. Most notably, Funny Ears Fringe Festival has been running for several years, now, at Preservation Pub and Scruffy City Hall. But other artists not directly a part of the festival are also getting involved. Today we’ll look at Kara […]

Big Ears Responses and Winners

The response to the Big Ears Ticket Giveaway was immediate and strong, with many people explaining why it mattered to them. Some have attended in the past, others have never been able to afford to go. Some love the music and the festival highlights some of their favorite artists, while others attend to be introduced […]