WUTK, 90.3 The Rock: Serving Up Great Programming for 35 Years

Ed Note:  I’ve enjoyed the station since about its second year of existence, first discovering U2 and The Alarm, two of my favorite bands from that era, on its airwaves. I’m proud to be a part of the WUTK family as I broadcast Knoxcentric each Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. You might have noticed a […]

Knoxcentric Radio Show Launched, Schedule Announced, Available Via Podcast

I’ve mentioned the radio show a few times on the blog, but I wanted to bring it all together, put it out front for a bit and tell you about a related feature that has been added to the website. You’ll find a new tab at the top of this page labeled “Radio Show.” This […]

Regas Square Project Begins, Inside of Knoxville Takes to the Airwaves

It’s a day for announcements. First, Regas Square, which I first detailed here last October. Read the original article for much greater detail than I’ll give here. The news is that the project, announced nine months ago, is about to get underway. You’ll find their website here and you’ll see they are now offering pre-sales for […]

Waynestock 2014, Night Two

Well, this one’s going to be very photo heavy and word light. Fires have literally been breaking out downtown today and I’ve been very, very short of time. For those of you who expected me to write about the fire: I decided to address it next week. I know it’s not timely, but the media […]

January Scruffy City Ramble (with pictures from last month)

Here’s my monthly post on this great series. The lineup tonight is crazy good. Sadly, unless I get an assist from mother nature, I will be dutifully working away and will miss this one. I love them all, but this one seems better than most for my taste, so it stings to not be there. […]