Bar Marley Celebrates Two Years, Charts a New Course

It’s been two years since the opening of Bar Marley and over three since I first announced Caleb Boyer’s plans to open the Island-styled restaurant and bar. After the initial announcement serious obstacles were encountered, including environmental concerns about the site at 760 Stone Street. More than a few people predicted it would never open. […]

Yes, They Are Open (Except One That Has Closed)

I’m often asked, “Are they open?” The object of the question may be different from one conversation to another, but people forget or miss an article (can you believe that?) and they aren’t sure. Hopefully, this will cover some of the places I get asked about often, as well as another couple I wanted to […]

Back to the Future: Bar Marley Returns 10/21/2015

This is an article I’ve hoped to write for a long time. Over the last year it has seemed improbable. It started, for me, a year ago September when I wrote about the pending opening of the bar. Metro Pulse followed with their own article, which was shortly followed by another article¬†(I don’t know why […]

Top Ten Articles of 2014

So, here we are with the top ten. Before we get into it, I’d like to thank some people who have been important to the success of the blog this year. Just John added tremendous value by writing about his innovative ideas for the city and spurring great conversations. Guest bloggers Greg Manter, Adam Henig, […]

Bar Marley! Bar Marley. Bar Marley? Bar Marley . . .

It’s been a long and winding road for Bar Marley. And they haven’t even opened. It’s become an interesting guessing game on the part of many observers. It seems certain, then it seems certainly not. I’ll do my best to untangle the story and give you the twists, turns and opposing view points. I first […]