Dogwood Arts’ Market Square Art Fair 2014, Part 2

Here I’ll confess I’ve saved my favorite parts of the Market Square Art Fair for last. I enjoy the arts and the crafts and I really enjoyed this year’s concept of having the artists creating during the festival. There were several artists we wished we could buy from, but we only wound up taking home […]

The Dogwood Arts Festival’s Market Square Art Fair

Somebody must be living right, because the weather for the major Dogwood Arts events have been spectacular. This weekend saw the Market Square Art Fair take over the central portion of downtown and bring in thousands of people each of the three days. Being an ordinary human being, with all the limitations and various obligations […]

Dogwood Arts Festival, Market Square Art Fair, Part 2

Most of the day Saturday I enjoyed the Market Square Art Fair, allowing time to take a bit of a nap back at the house somewhere in the middle of the day. I’m certain the volunteers and workers had to be exhausted because it completely ran me down just hanging out with those hard-working people.¬†And […]