Artist Mark Carson English Shares His Artistic Vision with Knoxville and Big Ears

Mark Carson English, an artist of international caliber, has returned to Knoxville after a circuitous journey that leaves him questioning if he has a home, though this is clearly his hometown an he’s quite fond of it. Born in McMinnville, his father, who was a banker, brought the family to Knoxville when Mark was very […]

Knoxville Mourns Two Local Artists, Remembers and Raises Money for Families

The artistic community in Knoxville, it can be argued, defines our uniqueness. Earlier this week I spotlighted a magical night with some of our finest musicians. Whether you explore local music, literary works, culinary arts, sculpture, painting or any other medium, you soon come to understand who we are just a bit more deeply. Name […]

Art Slams, Wine Bars and Bricks? A First Friday Weekend

After not doing so for some time, last month I got out into the thick of First Friday, focusing on outlying participants. I noted that it’s been a while since our gang participated very much in the monthly ritual. Well, maybe this First Friday thing is going to catch on . . . we made […]

What in the World is a Scrappalachian Metal Work?

Gregory Tune’s business is, perhaps, an unlikely one. Located at 141 West Anderson (less than a block west of the heart of Happy Holler), you know something funky must be happening here when you see the bench out front made from the tailgate of a truck and other found metal parts. A mustached, pipe smoking […]

After Multiple Strokes, Local Artist Chris Cornett Returns (and Could Use Your Help)

Just over five years ago I first encountered the art of Chris Cornett. The challenging nature of the works and the striking use of color captivated me at once. I took my first photograph of his work at Preservation Pub and later that year at Union Avenue Books. We first met a year later at […]