Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk 2018

It’s sort of stunning, once these events start rolling, just how rapidly they tick off. It’s hard for me to believe we are well on our way through Festival Season. Last weekend, as I noted in the Sidewalk Sideshow article, there were multiple events, including the subject of this article, the Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk. […]

Art in Public Places Adds New Sculptures to Downtown Knoxville

Each year around this time new outdoor sculptures arrive in Knoxville and most of the older ones disappear. It’s a rotating exhibition mounted by Dogwood Arts and Art in Public Places. The effort is headed by Kate Creason with a number of sponsors lending support.  Justin Rabideau, Director of the Zuckerman Museum of Art at […]

Have You Seen This?

There’s such an accumulation of little changes around downtown it’s virtually impossible to notice, let alone document, them all. Some are very big and others are more like small details that make the city a bit better. Some change the shape of the city while others simply make it richer while we aren’t watching. Let’s […]

Downtown Art Wraps by the Knoxville History Project Appear Around the City

This past summer as the Urban Clan drove around the wild west, we stopped over in Missoula, Montana. I snapped a photo though the car window as I drove (don’t do this at home, children) of a buffalo “painted” on an electrical box. We’d noticed them in other cities as well across Montana and Wyoming […]

Important Murals Restored, Music History Mural Returns

There’s been a lot of action going on in the Old City recently. The streets – first Central and now Jackson – remain in a state of upheaval that will result in buried and modernized utilities, wider sidewalks and repaved streets. Construction on the Crozier is now progressing rapidly and other plans are being announced. […]