Art Making Places and Places Making Art

We’ve all experienced it, perhaps most often in an urban setting. Take a scruffy warehouse, add lights and art and suddenly, the space is “cool.” It’s a place people want to hang out. Same with an alley when art is added or a building with a colorful and interesting mural. Art is a game changer. […]

Art in Public Places Adds New Sculptures to Downtown Knoxville

Each year around this time new outdoor sculptures arrive in Knoxville and most of the older ones disappear. It’s a rotating exhibition mounted by Dogwood Arts and Art in Public Places. The effort is headed by Kate Creason with a number of sponsors lending support.  Justin Rabideau, Director of the Zuckerman Museum of Art at […]

Did Our Treble Clef Explode?

Many of us remember the treble clef sculpture that used to reside in Country Music Park on what used to be the 200 block of Gay Street at Summit Hill. I’ve mentioned  it before to a range of reactions. Some people loved it, others not so much. I liked it because it fit the purpose […]