City Council Candidate Forum Features Eleven Candidates

With eleven candidates running in four different races, it’s almost as difficult to stage a forum including them all as it is to stage a Democratic presidential debate this time around or a Republican presidential debate the last time around. Listening to two hours of answers was mind numbing and I can only imagine what […]

Tomorrow Is Election Day. Don’t Feel Ready to Vote? I’ve Got You Covered!

A year has passed since our last national election and that twelve months have been very politically charged. More people seem to be politically engaged across the spectrum via marches, calling senators and representatives and generally making their voices heard. Socially media is filled with political proclamations of various sorts and endless arguments as a […]

City Council Breaks the Tie in District Four: Is the System Fair?

It seems everyone in the city was surprised on election night except for Cliff Rodgers, Knox County Administrator of Elections. He spoke first at the special session of the Knoxville City Council last night. He pointed out that he was explaining to everyone concerned, prior to the election, how they must proceed in the event […]