Knoxville Museum of Art Unveils Richard Jolley’s “Cycle of Life”

This past weekend, the Knoxville Museum of Art offered the first glimpse of what must be the most anticipated work of art in Knoxville’s history. Months in the making, the massive series of sculptures by Richard Jolley, “Cycle of Life,” now hangs suspended over the Ann and Steve Bailey Hall. The sculpture was revealed to […]

A Friday Night in Knoxville: Blues to Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Indie and Jazz

Wayne Bledsoe recently wrote of a night in Knoxville in which he heard an incredible range of music and declared this a golden era for our local music scene. His suggestion was to get out and enjoy it or regret it later. It’s very good advice. From Friday evening through Saturday evening this past week […]

Final Christmas Post for 2012: RB Morris and the Streamliners

One of the great shows I caught this past year was the Streamliners with special guest R.B. Morris at the Knoxville Museum of Art’s fine Alive After Five Series. I wrote about it a year ago, and I really anticipated this year’s show for more than one reason. It’s a fine evening of jazz, of […]

Great Music, Free Tickets and a Near-Death Experience: Just Another Friday Night in Knoxville

As anyone who read last Friday’s blog post can attest, there was simply too much to do downtown last weekend. Friday night I made the decision to only go two places: Alive After Five at the KMA, followed by the Bistro at the Bijou. The first featured a blues birthday party of sorts for Brownie […]

What to do in the City This Weekend

Last weekend delivered an action-packed series of events downtown and this weekend promises great events, as well. Whether you want music, drama or shopping at the Christmas Market and all the shops downtown, it’s happening this weekend. Here’s a rundown of what you might look for around town in the next couple of days: Throughout […]