Ironwood Art Fair: A Cool Urban Party

Last weekend I attended an art fair/party at Ironwood Studios on Jennings Avenue, which is just a block off Broadway and just off Central – sort of between uptown and Happy Holler. The idea was simple: Open a warehouse/iron and woodworking studio to artists who want to display, add food for purchase, bands and dancers […]

Scary Knoxville

I seem to have accumulated some scary pictures and this seemed like the perfect time to put them together as a sort of Halloween card to the city. This is a post for those of you who just want to see the pictures, so I’ll have very little to say. I found Hulk on the Square […]

Knoxville First Friday May 2013

I’m not sure if it was that I coincidentally made a different kind of round this First Friday or if I often miss major swaths of the goings on about town, but it was the variety of the events that struck me this time around. It started with a Polish Festival on Market Square which […]

Busking on the Brain

I’ve written about buskers before and even if you haven’t read those older posts, but you’ve read more than a few of my current posts, you might guess that I’m generally pro-busking. I think it adds a flavor to the city that we otherwise miss and I regularly give them a dollar or two. Of […]