Urban Adventures on a Warm January Weekend (plus Ticket Winners Announced)

I hadn’t intended to write about this, but I always have my camera around and, as it turned out, Urban Woman and I had a great time this past Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. In the midst of it, we kept saying, “Man, this has been so much fun. No way would we be doing […]

A Dopo Pizzeria Set to Open Next Week

When last I checked in with Brian Strutz, he planned to open A Dopo pizzeria, his sourdough, wood fired pizza restaurant at 516 Williams Street in August. He missed the mark by a few weeks, as is virtually always the case for new businesses. While nothing went horribly wrong, there were hiccups along the way, […]

A Dopo Pizzeria To Open Downtown in August

  The name, “A Dopo” Pizzeria, is Italian with a rough translation of “see you later,” holding with it the connotation that parting is only temporary. That’s the kind of vibe owner Brian Strutz wants to establish when he opens his wood-fired pizza restaurant this August. Located at 516 Williams Street next to Paulk and […]