Remedy Coffee Opens Tomorrow at New Location

I mentioned recently that the time between the announcement of a business opening or moving and the actual opening or move sometimes seems interminable. Most often the original plans meet delays and complications which adds to the wait. Such has been the case for Remedy Coffee which has moved from its original location on Jackson […]

Maker’s Donuts: Doughnuts On the Way for Downtown

Now that a pharmacy is on the way to downtown, I haven’t heard a consensus for what we need next. I have heard doughnuts mentioned more than once and, while it might not be the most essential downtown need, it is certainly a nice amenity to add to the mix. I’m also excited about the […]

First Friday and a Great Weekend in the City

Downtown bustled with major crowds all weekend. Friday night brought out-of-town UT fans into the city for the game, First Friday events and the usual Friday night craziness. Saturday offered the Farmers’ Market, Chess in Krutch Park, the game and gospel music on the square. Sunday crowds built from the earliest brunch times through the […]

A Cool Building and a Fascinating Downtown Pioneer

While kicking around on the street in the area between Old Grey Cemetery and Central for the story on Bar Marley’s, I noticed the building at 800 Tyson, bedecked with a banner proclaiming, “Shoreline University Fellowship.” Curious, I approached the building and noticed an architectural rendering on the door of a cafe and studio space. […]