New Restaurant, Myrtle’s Chicken and Beer Opens on Market Square

Myrtle’s Chicken and Beer officially opened yesterday at 13 Market Square. It’s taken the place of long-time Market Square business, Trio, and includes an overlap in ownership with that restaurant. Urban Brother, Urban Woman and myself set out to investigate and joined them for their first official meal in the new space. Like Trio and […]

A Market Square Business Closes to End the Year

For a spot that sits at the heart of who we are as a city, a place that we consider the center of whatever good has happened to Knoxville in recent years, Market Square showed a remarkable volatility in 2017. Do you realize that through the year two businesses closed (Cocoa Moon, Rita’s Ice) and […]

Trio at 13 Market Square Undergoes a Transformation

It was almost eight years ago that Adrienne Knight took a chance, made a big commitment and joined the slowly growing list of Market Square restaurants. The years since have seen large numbers come and go and she understands the difficulty of operating on thin margins. Trio Cafe has survived on its reputation for tasty […]