The Nail Room Opens at 119 South Gay Street

Truc Thanh Ngoc Pham has opened The Nail Room on the 100 block of South Gay Street. It sits alongside a row of complementary businesses, including a hair salon, a lash salon, and a massage parlor. You can tend to nearly every part and feel relaxed about the whole matter all in one row of […]

Tern Club Brings a Tiki Vibe to Downtown

One of the openings I missed recently was one I’m really excited about. I first wrote about Tern Club last June, including the back story of co-owners Ryan Shanley and Jocelyn Morin. The couple moved from the northeastern U.S., searching for a city that met all their needs and offered an opportunity to launch the […]

Jacks of Knoxville Opens Today

If the future of brick and mortar retail is local and regional, Jacks of Knoxville is hitting all the right notes. Located at 133 South Gay Street, the new store owned and operated by downtown residents Katherine and Logan Higgins, opens today with a wide range of products from Knoxville and a bit further out. […]

Nest Closes: What Is Wrong With Retail on the 100 Block of Gay Street?

I started this website in June of 2010. In July I wrote my first article about the block. Then Mayor Haslam dedicated the re-opened, refurbished block which had undergone a dramatic re-working which had taken eighteen months, which was much longer than anticipated. I noted the special status of the block as the only spot […]

Jeffrey Nash Announces Plans for the Hubris Building on the 100 Block of Gay Street

Since the closure of Patricia Nash’s showroom and offices at 109┬áS. Gay Street, I’ve been asked repeatedly what would happen there. Additionally, Bula Boutique closed its doors recently at 115 S. Gay Street, just two doors down. While the two addresses might seem unrelated, they are not. The small building formerly housing Patricia Nash is […]