The Power of a Visual Image to Produce Change

What's in a photograph or a video beyond simple pleasure or entertainment? Is a photograph nothing more than a representation of the ordinary? What are the images that impact us? How does an image or footage seep into the public consciousness and … [Continue reading]

Two Businesses Open and One Re-Opens

I often write about new businesses when they are announced. That gives us all a chance to anticipate what's coming soon. One of the down sides is that the announcements typically don't include photographs because the businesses aren't yet ready for … [Continue reading]

Kefi: Greek Cocktail Restaurant to Open in the Old City

You may not know Jim and Lori Klonaris, but if you've been around Knoxville for very long, you know some of their culinary and other hospitality ventures: The Side Street Cafe in Homberg, Calamata Kitchen which they opened in 1998 and Cafe Four on … [Continue reading]

Production Company, Commercial and Residential Development Announced for South Knoxville

Sevier Avenue continues to be one of the hottest spots for development in the city and that trend continues with the announcement that Conley Entertainment Group will move its headquarters from Pasadena, California to 726 Sevier Avenue, which is … [Continue reading]

Large Local Hemp CBD Company Announces Operations Near Downtown Knoxville

As momentum has spread nationally to legalize medical marijuana and, in some cases recreational marijuana, distinctions have also begun to be recognized between marijuana and hemp. Banned when marijuana became illegal, many states are now … [Continue reading]