“Lost Tales of Scruffy City” Series Published Today

Scott West has published a set of four books in the series, "Lost Tales of Scruffy City: Unauthorized Walking Tour." Designed as a self-guided walking tour, the series takes a look at the darker side of Knoxville history, proclaiming on the cover, … [Continue reading]

Lauderdale Design Group: Spreading Good Design to the 100 Block

Lauderdale Design Group may be the best known downtown business that you've never heard of. The group is responsible for literally millions of dollars worth of design work on UT campus, particularly in the athletic department and has operated for … [Continue reading]

Second Bell Festival Expands Lineup, Announces Festival Plans

https://vimeo.com/279295710 The Second Bell Festival, produced by Blank Newspaper is taking a more definitive shape as the August 18 event draws closer. I sat down with Blank's owner and editor, Rusty Odom, to get the details on the first festival … [Continue reading]

Tommy Trent’s Old Tyme Sports Bar to Open Soon

It's not as if Scott and Bernadette West need something more to do with their time. In addition to operating Preservation Pub and Scruffy City Hall and, along with family, Uncorked and Earth to Old City, they've got construction underway at 26 Market … [Continue reading]

Fourth of July Fireworks and Week

Here is my annual contribution to mediocre fireworks photos. I don't think I'm getting any better from year-to-year, but some years the wind is more favorable than others to remove the smoke which, if you don't know, is the enemy of good fireworks … [Continue reading]