A New Novel, Albums, Videos and Poetry: Knoxville Continues to Make Art

Artists make art. War, famine, depression, or pandemics come and go, but the creative mind continues. Knoxville has more than its fair share of creative talent. Some of the work that has come to light, so far, was prepared for release prior to the … [Continue reading]

COVID-19: 5/20/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

I hope you are all doing well today and are grabbing the random glimmers of sunshine to get out a bit and get some vitamin D. As the weirdness continues to drag on, it's important to get some exercise, find some pleasure and maybe get something done. … [Continue reading]

COVID-19: 5/19/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Report)

I hope you had a chance to read this morning's article about people providing help to those in need. We will really have to work together to help each other and our local businesses if we want to have our city return to its previous strength when all … [Continue reading]

Project Be Kind Helps Local Workers; City People Helps Downtown Arts

There are as many ways to help as there are people and businesses hurting during the current pandemic. One of the beautiful things that happens during a crisis is the ways that people and groups think beyond themselves. Our connections are sometimes … [Continue reading]

COVID-19: 5/18/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

Today's report comes after a warm, sunny weekend that I hope you each enjoyed. It's important to hit a trail, take a walk in the neighborhood, take the boat out, if you have one, or do something to otherwise enjoy nature and to remember that this … [Continue reading]