East Tennessee Chili Cook-off and More – Far Too Much

Chili Festival, World’s Fair Park, Knoxville Here’s an example of how much is happening downtown all the time: I love chili. Who doesn’t? Sure it may lead to a little gastronomic discomfort, but it’s worth it, right? So how could I not blog about the East Tennessee Chili Cook-off to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank held […]

Early Evening in Fort Sanders

When I started this blog, I fully expected to write about a very large area from Fourth and Gill, to Happy Holler through the Old City, across downtown proper to the river and over to UT and Fort Sanders. “Oh, but I was so much bolder then, I’m humbler than that now.” In the year since […]

Then there’s this other sculpture . . .

Previously I’ve talked about sculptures that I’d just as soon the city not purchase at the end of their exhibition downtown. I also pointed out some that I think are worthy of keeping downtown. There are a couple additional sculptures among those in the current downtown installation, that I feel compelled to toss out for public […]

50 Ways to Spend a Weekend (or at least three)

Of course, given my penchant for anything cheap and musical, the Indie Grrls Fest was a perfect way to spend my weekend, but one of the things I love about the city is that everybody is finding their own groove. At any given time, dozens of events are happening and everyone is following their own […]

"It’s cold. It feels like independence day."

Church Street UMC, Sunday Morning, July 4 I was quite the slacker on July 4 this year. I had out-of-town guests and I’d worn them out walking around the city before the big day hit. I did get out that morning and take a few pictures and then I got a few that night. From my […]