Kung Fu Dragons and Lions: Wah Lum Kung Fu

Wah Lum Kung Fu Dragon, Knoxville I’ve previously posted photographs of dragons in the Dogwood Arts Parade. I didn’t know where the dragons came from and simply became intrigued. Drums for Wah Lum Kung Fu Happy Buddha tames the Lions – Wah Lum Kung Fu I ran into them again at the Children’s Festival of […]

2011 Children’s Festival of Reading

Children’s Festival of Reading, World’s Fair Park, Knoxville Drama in Amphitheater, Children’s Festival of Reading, Knoxville Friends of the Library, Children’s Festival of Reading, Knoxville Knoxville has a world-class children’s reading festival sponsored each May in World’s Fair Park by the Knox County Public Library. This year’s festival was as incredible as always, covering the entire park and […]

Meanwhile on the World’s Fair Park: Walk to Cure Diabetes

Walk to Cure Diabetes, World’s Fair Park, Knoxville, 2011 This past Saturday was also the day for the annual Walk to Cure Diabetes. Several thousand people gathered at the World’s Fair Park where booths and entertainment for children dominated the happy scene. Many families and teams of walkers joined together to make the scene a […]

Where to Start? Knoxville Marathon!

Starting line for the Knoxville Marathon at the World’s Fair Park, April 2011 It was a jam-packed weekend in downtown Knoxville. A weekend like this one makes blogging difficult in a good way: Where to start? Chronologically, it would be First Friday – and I’ve got some stories there. Typically I might cut right to the […]

Surviving the Snow, Part Two

First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, State Street, Knoxville, January 10, 2011 Downtown Knoxville did not return to normal today, but it managed a closer approximation. The roads were much more navigable as the ice and snow succumbed to the ice, wind and warmth of the tires passing over the surface. More people stirred as temperatures rose […]