Fred Eaglesmith with High Kotton at the Blue Plate Special

How could you improve the live radio concerts hosted weekdays at noon on WDVX for several years now? Add a weekend show, that’s how. Many of us can’t be downtown at noon, but judging from the crowd in the visitor’s center Saturday, virtually everyone can make it on a weekend. The room was packed nearly an hour […]

Young People Playing (Very) Old Music, Part Two

 Hilary Hawke and band, Knoxville Visitor’s Center, January 2010 The second artist I heard recently at the Blue Plate Special was Hilary Hawke. She and her band are from upstate New York and their sound is more western swing, with close harmonies and mid-tempo rhythms. Of course, her lilting voice soars above it all. She […]

Young People Playing (Very) Old Music, Part One

Thanks to the snow, I was able to catch a couple of Blue Plate Specials recently. Both featured young bands fronted by talented, personable singers. They also featured very retro-music. I talked about this a bit last week when I featured Katy Free. Katy’s music leaned more heavily in a jazz direction, but her song […]

Blue Plate on Ice and a Tasty Menu at Lattitude 35

Tony Lawson, Knoxville Music Icon Those blessed bad weather days just kept coming last week and, for me, that meant a daily trek through the ice or snow to WDVX studios on Gay Street for the noon Blue Plate Special. Once again, the performers originally scheduled to do the show could not make it, so […]

More Blue Plate Special: Snowy Day Edition

I have to say I absolutely adore being downtown when life is just a little off-kilter. Sunday mornings are a bit like that with the whole “Sunday Morning Coming Down” feel. Holidays are even more that way. On Christmas all the businesses are closed, workers stay home and downtown settles into the neighborhood and only […]