What you need to know about music festivals and series in Knoxville – All in one blog post!

Slow Blind Hill, Jr, Jaimie Cameron and Henry Perry, Preservation Pub, Knoxville There are so many series and festivals running around town that you may have a hard time keeping them all straight. That’s where I can help. We have a new series, a returning series, an ongoing series an old festival and a new […]

Fred Eaglesmith Amazes the Blue Plate Audience – Plus, Waynestock starts tonight!

Fred Eaglesmith, Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, January 2012 I’m publishing blog posts as fast as I’m able, but I seem to keep falling behind on writing about some of the great shows I’ve seen lately. One of the reasons is that so much great music has blown through in a very short time. I wrote […]

Amy Black and Jailbox on the Blue Plate Special

Amy Black, WDVX Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, July 2011 I got a chance to attend the Blue Plate Special recently and listen to great music by Amy Black and Jailbox in a double bill. As always, listening to a live broadcast of music on WDVX at noon in downtown Knoxville is always a treat and one […]

WDVX Fund Drive, James McMurtry and a Big City Wedding

Big Country’s Empty Bottle, WDVX Spring Fundraiser, Knoxville, 2011 I recently attended an extended, Saturday version of the Blue Plate Special in conjunction with WDVX and their spring fund drive. If you don’t know, WDVX is a non-profit radio station heard at 89.9 FM outside of downtown and 102.1 FM inside the city. It’s also […]

Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! I’m not sure why.

Image via Wikipedia Are you? I mean, I’m happy for the Irish and I suspect I have a little Irish back in my own ancestry, but why do we all wear the green and go for the day with such gusto? I also have a little Creek Indian in me, but I haven’t noticed any […]