Getting High, Cool Cars and a Beautiful Afternoon in the City

 Volkswagen atop the Market Square Garage, Knoxville, November 2011 I sometimes receive tips from readers regarding events or story opportunities. I always appreciate these. Since I can’t possibly do everything, I can’t always make it to the events and sometimes, I’m afraid, I’m bad about responding to the e-mails and comments making suggestions. But […]

Blogless Photographs, November 2011

Bride and Groom on Gay Street, Knoxville Here’s another set in my ongoing series of photographs that seemed too good to toss, but not sufficient for a blog unto themselves. So, I try to group them for you viewing pleasure. This month’s installation seems to have settled on trees, trains and brides, along with a […]

August Vehicles in the City

Here I go again with my little vehicle obsession. It is strange for someone who would love to not own a car, but I can’t change it, I can only confess it in public. So, here are some of the interesting vehicles I’ve spotted. Dune Buggy in the City – Anybody know the way to […]

First Friday: The Vehicles

 Image via Wikipedia Nissan Leaf Well, First Friday was a gorgeous, cool night. After visiting the Sunsphere we headed toward Market Square, then the Old City and the 100 Block. As usual, there were vehicles that caught my attention. Of course, I was a week behind if I really wanted to see some cool […]

Sights from an Ending Year

Still Moving, Market Street, Knoxville, December 2010 I usually have a few random images that haven’t found a home. I keep running into this truck around town. It is marvelous that is still able to move about town at all and, as such, is a great inspiration to those of us of a certain age who […]